Trading since 1910 in St Austell Mid Cornwall and covering the southwest our success over the years has been built on the expertise, knowledge, experience and skills of our dedicated team.

From concept to completion - or at any stage in between JJJones and sons LTD offer a broad and diverse range of construction services, ranging from minor repairs and maintenance to major refurbishment and new construction works, together with design and planning solutions when needed. To find out more about us, please look at About us.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and endeavour to reflect this in every project. In order to have a satisfied customer, we must not only understand who the customer is, but also recognise and understand their needs from the outset. We offer cost effective solutions, ensuring minimal disruption to our customer's operational activities and employees, without compromising our standards of work and always with health & safety at the forefront. Please see About us to find out more. Working relationships take time to build and we realise that employing a previously unknown contractor often gives rise to some apprehension.

Although we are known as a commercial construction company we still build and convert dream homes for private customers. We understand how important your family home is to you. That is why we work hard to stay up-to-date on new developments in construction, landscaping, and home design. While we are happy to provide advice or guidance, the ultimate look and style of your completed home is in your hands.

We are privileged to have built up excellent working relationships with our clients. Please see Our past work.

About Us

Trading since 1910 in St Austell Mid Cornwall and covering the southwest our success over the years has been built on the expertise, knowledge, experience and skills of our dedicated team.

We had a wealth of experience in building commercial and domestic properties and have noticed a trend towards going green. Our ability to adapt and knowledge of the latest products / technology have kept us at the forefront of the industry. From concept to completion - or at any stage in between JJJones and sons LTD offer a broad and diverse range of construction services, ranging from minor repairs and maintenance to major refurbishment and new construction works, together with design and planning solutions when needed

Whether you require maintenance or repair work or have a major project at feasibility and budget stage with or without the design, Building Regulations and Planning consents already in place, we will be pleased to meet and discuss your requirements with you. Please contact us.

We will provide you with a cost effective solution and once the contract has started we work in partnership with you to ensure you receive the best service and standards at the best price. JJJones and sons LTD are fully flexible and can, where imperative to your business operations, offer an out-of-hours service to fit in around your daily shift or work patterns including weekend and night time working.


With considerable experience in the industry, JJJones and sons ltd is fully aware of the stress that may arise from the back and forth between architect and contractor. Finding the balance between creative freedom and practical implementation can be tricky and costly. So why complicate when you can complement? At JJJones and sons LTD, we work hand-in-hand with our experienced in house architect to meticulously draft floor plans that meet your specifications and budget. Incorporating a design eye with a build eye takes the guess work out of the process and you are left with nothing less than the home of your dreams. You imagine it, we’ve got the rest covered.

Whether it’s a home or commercial building, what you build is only as good as what materials you use. JJJones and sons ltd does not cut corners and always use high quality materials. We make certain that you make informed choices on every aspect of the build from insulation to lighting fixtures and will never make a decision without your knowledge and consent. We take on every project as if we were building it for ourselves, so we look forward to building for you.

With any renovation and addition, JJJones and sons ltd understands that the dynamic is different than with a new build. We are entering your home and sharing space with you while we finish the project. To make this as comfortable for you as possible, we will take the necessary time to inspect the project location, discuss the vision and goals, and determine how the project can be accomplished with as little intrusion as possible.

JJJones and sons ltd empathizes with each homeowner and takes full responsibility to adhere to deadlines, maintain a clean job site and create a work schedule that complements your lifestyle. Regardless of the size of the house/building or the size of the project, each owner can be assured that each renovation and/or addition will be a true collaboration and that we will adhere to the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship

Green Building
It is a welcoming thought that we are in a time when a home can give back to the environment. This is why JJJones and sons ltd Experience allows us to help you ‘Go Green’ and educate you on how to incorporate best practices to increase the efficiency of energy, water and material resources, while reducing the negative impacts on the environment and overall health of your family.

A popularized concept, it may be confusing just exactly what “Green Building” really means and just how incorporating environmentally-friendly practices translates to the bottom line in terms of cost and time. The good news is that Green Building is easier than you think, does not affect the aesthetic quality of your home, and there is as much measurable return to the pocket as there is to the environment.

There is a science behind Green Building and a stringent set of guidelines to achieve a green score. However, leave this to us. You tell us what you’d like to incorporate and we’ll make it happen.

Below are some basic areas where you can be Green:

Building Materials-use of renewable plant materials, recycled materials/industrial goods, non-toxic materials, locally manufactured products Water- collect rainwater for building use, re-use wastewater for irrigation, and treated wastewater for flushing toilets Energy-high-efficiency windows and insulation, design building to maximize solar gain in winter and less need for air-conditioning in summer, solar panels to heat water, high-efficiency light fixtures, automatic turn-off lighting Indoor Air-Quality-reduce use of unhealthy volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in building materials, paints, floor finishes, sealants; proper ventilation systems and moisture control methods to reduce mould and other allergens.

Location/Landscape-Build on an existing site, infill site, or area that will preserve as much natural land as possible; use existing landscape or plant landscape to naturally absorb heat and insulate in winter (green roof), plant to assist in water conservation. JJJones and sons ltd can help you achieve the required green home standards at any point during the construction process and we will always ensure that you have made informed choices. We are very excited in building you a home that is not only beautiful, but boasts efficiency and health for you and the environment.

Land Planning/Development
JJJones and sons ltd is proud to offer land planning services for both our residential and commercial customers. Our extensive development services end with your satisfaction and we will always do what we can to ensure a successful project.

Our portfolio of services:

Land planning to maximize both value and aesthetics Civil Engineering Liason between developers and government agencies Provide site development services Wetlands mitigation services

Construction Management
JJJones and sons ltd believes solid management skills are essential in any industry for any company to thrive. In laying the foundation for our company and the principles upon which we would build, we established the motto that only a well-managed, efficient company can deliver well-managed, efficient projects. JJJones and sons ltd is a strong company committed to providing our client as many services, in-house, as possible to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Our Construction Management (CM) method is simple and no-nonsense. We are your primary contact from project planning through post-occupancy evaluation and, much like design/build, we work with all architects and/or engineers in the early phases to establish a proper course of action that is within budget and time allocations. JJJones and sons ltd offers the following services at a cost-plus basis to provide you more control over the decision making process and to pass on cost savings from our discounts on materials and trades. The following outlines CM services include:

Detailed cost estimation of the project with a breakdown of each individual aspect of construction. Detailed project scheduling.

No bidding. JJJones and sons ltd handles all subcontractor negotiations, directly. Procurement of materials: A detailed list is prepared and several prices are obtained for each type of material required, ensuring the lowest cost.

Recommendations in selecting finish materials, fixtures, etc. Only quality materials and finest workmanship accepted. Obtain all required permits and arrange for all inspections. Continuous, daily on-site construction supervision and management. Financial Management: client to receive progress billing with comprehensive breakdown of current expenses and a cost-to-complete report.

Our Past Work

Serving the commercial & industrial sector

House Building including single units to develpoments and Renovations
Hotels and hoilday Homes
Distribution Centres and Factory units
Offices and Warehouses
Churches and The National Trust
Schools and Nursery Schools

The trust and confidence of our clients and our commitment to their needs is evidenced by the highest compliment of all – repeat business. We like to build relationships that last and are privileged to be working with highly respected companies, organisations, charities and schools.

Contact Us

Contacting us is easy, our full address is:

J.J.Jones & Sons (St. Austell) Ltd
The Office Slades Road
St Austell
PL25 4HA

Telephone: 01726 63760
Email us at info@jjjonesandsons.co.uk